The Music Minute

Welcome to my blog! This is my very first one! Am happy to share with you thoughts on music, art, culture.

I’d like to start my ‘blogging career’ with a short story I wrote a few years back, bringing fresh insights into music and how we can enjoy listening and playing an instrument, whether we are a professional musician or just a music lover.

“Understanding music”

There are some pieces of music we prefer listening to more than others. Often we hear comments “I like listening to Mozart, but Bach is too difficult for me to listen, I don’t understand what the music is about.”

Bach and Mozart belong to two different historical periods. Bach belongs to the Baroque period, Mozart to the Classical. Knowing the times in which they composed and that different music tools were used in different periods will help us realize why it sounds different and that works from some musical periods are easier to listen to than others.

In Baroque music all the voices we hear are comparatively equal in importance. We have to catch all the voices we hear so that can be quite strenuous. In Classical music one melody leads the others so that is the probable reason why listening to a Mozart symphony will be more appreciated.

We consider 20th century music also difficult to listen to. When we go back and see all that has happened in the century, the technical and computer revolutions, 2 world wars, all that has reflected in music too. Composers of the 20th century have mirrored the event in the music they composed.

Knowing the diverse musical periods facilitates our understanding and hence appreciation of the music we listen to. There is however another important detail. The personality of the composer is reflected in his music. Therefore we will also appreciate a composer we feel closer to as a person. You will be surprised, once knowing the life of a certain composer, that it can be similar to yours or at least very appealing to you. For sure you will gain a greater understanding of the composer’s music and eventually like it more!

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  1. Djurdjija Pelic

     /  September 11, 2011

    Excellent ! Keep on with the good work !


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