The Music Minute – “In the Mood”

“In the Mood”

I surprise people when I tell them what kind of music I listen to while driving the car. Being a classical musician, one would take the answer for granted. However, that’s the surprise- it’s not classical! I decided one day after driving from Vienna to Prague and listening to Brahms Violin Concerto that my mind drifted away so that I drove half as slow as the other cars on the road. From then on I listen and drive to pop and rock music only!

Depending on our mood or how we would like to feel determines our choice of music we will listen to. Every one of us has his/her own choice. If you are tired, you might choose a Chopin waltz or a Mozart serenade. Maybe a particular Mozart symphony will fresh you up after a long day. Or, if you have an important meeting, a Bach fugue might sharpen your wits. The wealth of classical music is that it offers us a music piece for every mood.

Why has music such a magic influence on us? Famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed music to be a reflection of the Divine order of things. Music principles as mathematical ones too were during Pythagoras’ time considered to be identical to the structure of the Universe itself. On that idea the ancient Greeks created music theory and is part of our music up to this day, in classical and popular music too.

Here we might also have the answer as to why music is said to “soothe our soul”. No words, colours, forms can create that feeling. Music goes beyond words and gives voice to the inner need for sound and rhythm.

Didn’t Glenn Miller name his famous music piece “In the mood?”

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