3 tips to Leadership – Lessons from Music for the Businessperson

What leadership skills can a businessperson learn from a music conductor?  The conductor’s handbook includes a list of necessary/required leadership skills. Here are 3 tips:

1. Full command of resources/excellent musical knowledge

A music conductor is considered the most knowledgable musician in the music world:  deep insight, understanding  and command of the music work performed (let’s translate it to ‘business plan’), as well as of the orchestra/team he is leading.

2. Confidence in the art of gesture

Standing and leading in front of sometimes over a 100 people is not an easy task. The music conductor must project confidence, determination, power of will to be able to lead musicians towards a unified  product.

3. A good physique and good temper

To get the best out of the orchestral players, the music leader must possess skills to be admired, respected – someone you look up to.

Can you apply these skills to your leadership? Look out for the next blog on the next leadership tips!

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