Music as a Metaphor

In today’s world we are becoming more aware that learning from others, sharing different perspectives and experiences has become a necessity. Knowledge and experiences from leaders from other disciplines opens new visions as to the art of leadership. Leadership can be found wherever there are people who lead and people who follow, wherever there is interaction between them.

The world of music provides us many examples of leadership, of people working together to achieve great results. Musicians offer unique insight into how to listen, communicate and cooperate with others, use their imagination, create or solve problems.

Exploring the parallels between music and business we see that musicians and executives face similar issues at their workplace in dealing with leadership, teamwork, communication, performance value, change, competition, cultural diversity.

Music gives us the unique possibility to visit another place or time. Music history can teach us how musicians managed change within the political, social economical turmoil of the past.

By using music as a metaphor we are offered a new way of thinking, creating a new platform for discussion on key business issues.